Can lip fillers move from its place?

Can lip fillers move from its place?

Lip augmentation is one of the most demanded and most popular aesthetic touches of recent years. It is especially preferred by young and middle-aged women. Although we consider lip augmentation as a procedure applied to have more voluminous and attractive lips in the first place, there are also different benefits that it offers visually. It also offers effective results in eliminating the deformities of the lips due to aging and clarifying the lip lines.

Why Is Lip Filler So Popular?

Aesthetics is a part of our life. Sometimes it is a visual, sometimes a physical, sometimes a psychological need. If we say that we apply to aesthetic procedures only to feel better, this would be a very incomplete and inadequate statement. Many of us now believe that looking good is not just a psychological need; we know it’s often a requirement in most environments. The world of aesthetics is full of many effortless procedures that do not affect the flow of daily life, which you can easily meet this requirement . In today’s world, where time is a very valuable concept for everyone, practical treatments that do not require long healing processes are popular. Lip augmentation procedure is one of these procedures. Here are the reasons why you love lip fillers:

  • No surgical procedure
  • Absence of operations such as incisions and stitches
  • Being minimally invasive
  • risk of side effects and complications
  • Being a short-term treatment that does not affect daily life
  • Provides very natural results

When Is Lip Filler Risky?

The following points should be considered so that the lip filler treatment does not result in an aesthetic disaster:

  • Lip augmentation should be done by people who are experts in the field and have experience in treatment.
  • Lip filler; should be performed in sterile and hygienic clinical environments.
  • The quality of the product to be used in lip augmentation must be questioned.

Can lip fillers move from its place?

An incorrect treatment of lip filler may bring the risk of moving in the lip filler. We can list the situations that lead to the displacement of the filler as follows:

  • Applying Injections to Wrong Points

Superficial injections that are not made at the appropriate depth may cause the filler material to move. In addition, the points from which the filler will be given must be correctly calculated and planned before the treatment.

  • Injection of Excess Fillers

Another factor that increases the risk of moving in lip fillers is over-injecting the filler. In order to achieve a high volume, the filler should not be overdone.

  • Use of Poor Quality Fillers

The quality of the material used in lip augmentation; It is extremely important in terms of health, visually and in terms of the success of the procedure. Poor quality product; while increasing the risk of move page of the filler; It can lead to complications and an unaesthetic appearance.

What to Do If Lip Filler Moves?

You have some options to compensate for an incorrect and unsuccessful lip filler treatment. Hyaluronic acid is mainly used in lip augmentation . Since hyaluronic acid is found naturally in our body, it does not cause allergic reactions after treatment. This is the most important reason why hyaluronic acid- based fillers are frequently preferred. Our body does not perceive the injected substance as a foreign substance and therefore does not react. In addition, hyaluronic acid is considered an advantageous option in terms of providing more natural visual results. If the filler material has been displaced as a result of an incorrect treatment, this situation can be corrected with hyaluronidase . Hyaluronidase is a substance used to dissolve hyaluronic acid- based fillers. Another option is to wait for the treatment to lose its effectiveness in case the lip filler moves. Because lip augmentation is not a lifelong procedure .