What is BBL?

BBL, known as Brazilian butt lift, forms the initials of the words Brazillian But Lift. BBL is a hip surgery that makes the buttocks fuller and raised. Although it is described as a butt lift by many, it is essentially a plumping procedure and a raised appearance is achieved with plumping treatments.

Under the influence of factors such as aging, weight loss, and genetic structure, the fat volume in the butt area decreases over time, and deformations such as deformities and sagging occur in these areas. However, BBL should not be considered as a reconstructive procedure performed only for deformations . BBL, which is accepted as one of the treatment that underline sexual attraction in Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, can be applied in every age group in line with personal aesthetic preferences.

For Which Situations, BBL is An Advantageous Option?

  • If the buttocks are small, flat, flattened or low-looking
  • If there are deformities that create a bumpy appearance on the butt surface
  • If the area between the back and the hip does not have the necessary bend

How is BBL Surgery Performed?

BBL surgeries are performed by applying liposuction and fat transfer technique together. This procedure, in which the patient’s own fat tissues are used, is also defined as butt fat injection. In order for the operation to be performed, the patient’s body must have sufficient amount of adipose tissue. In addition, BBL is not an aesthetic surgery option that can be sufficient alone for people who have intense sagging problems in the butt area. In such cases, it may be recommended to do it together with different procedures.

While planning the surgery, first of all, the donor area where the fat will be taken should be determined. In general, regions such as the abdomen, waist circumference and upper leg are selected as donors . In addition, if there is enough adipose tissue to highlight the lumbar cavities, the dorsal region can also be determined as the donor area. The surgery begins with the application of liposuction . The fat taken from the donor area by liposuction method is separated from each other by filtering the fat and liquid part in order to enrich them with stem cells. The obtained fat is injected into the desired and determined areas on the butt.

It may vary depending on the type of anesthesia, the technique to be used and whether BBL can be performed together with other aesthetic applications.

What is the Recovery Process After BBL Surgery?

After the procedure may vary depending on the patient, the surgeon performing the operation, the technique used in the operation, and whether it is applied in combination with other procedures.

  • In BBL surgeries, general anesthesia method is preferred according to the patient’s health status. After the operation, the patient may be required to stay in the hospital for 1 night both in order to remove the effect of general anesthesia from the body and for the convenience of the doctor’s follow-up.
  • Post-operative pain can be controlled with painkillers.
  • After a rest period of about 1 week, the patient can return to his daily life without being compelling and can start work.
  • In order to overcome the swelling that may occur after the surgery in a short time, a special corset should be used for the period recommended by the doctor and should not be removed outside the bath.
  • Bathing should not be done for the first 3 days.
  • The patient should pay attention to sitting and sleeping patterns for 2-3 weeks. Especially in the first days after the operation, one should not sit directly on the hip, and a supine sleeping position should not be preferred. Special sitting pillows can be preferred in order to prevent the butt from getting stuck.

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Other Details About BBL

If the patient’s body does not have enough fat for BBL, hip replacement may be preferred. Butt prostheses offer a personalized selection for the patient, just like breast prostheses with different sizes.

People who prefer the BBL aesthetic procedure are recommended to make some lifestyle changes after the surgery. It is important to maintain the weight balance in order for the hip aesthetic procedure to provide a long-lasting effect. The lubrication that may occur in the shaped buttocks as a result of weight gain damages the permanent effect of BBL . For this reason, it is recommended to take care not to gain weight and to adopt a healthy and balanced diet after BBL surgery.