Breast Lift

What is Breast Lift Surgery?

Breasts, which are the most obvious symbols of fertility and femininity, have a very sensitive place in women’s world in terms of feeding the feeling of motherhood and forming an important part of sexual life. The common desire of all women, regardless of age, is to have healthy and unsagging breasts. Breasts may begin to sag over time, losing their strength against gravity for various reasons. Giving birth, filling of milk channels during breastfeeding and emptying with breastfeeding, sudden and rapid weight gain or weight loss, genetic characteristics, aging etc. Conditions such as these can cause the breasts to deform and sag over time. At this very point, Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive surgery generously opens its doors to women with solution options that offer satisfactory results.

Breast lift, lift or mastopexy as it is called in the medical literature is one of the most popular aesthetic surgeries. The psychological advantage it creates in terms of eliminating the visual impairment caused by the sagging breast problem and renewing self-confidence in the world of women should not be ignored.

How is Breast Lift Surgery Performed?

Before planning the breast lift surgery, the suitability of the person for the surgery is evaluated. For this reason, the first doctor consultation is important. First of all, the doctor determines whether the patient, who applied with the complaint of breast sagging, has a condition that prevents the surgery by listening to his expectations from the surgery, his medical operation history, and his health history. The patient is informed in detail about the operation process, and expectations are tried to be set on a realistic basis. Before the operation plan is created, detailed ultrasound examinations and blood tests are requested. Surgery is decided upon as a result of physical examination and laboratory tests.

While the breast lift procedure is planned, the sagging shape and degree of the breast is observed and analyzed. The sagging of the breast is divided into three stages. The level where the nipple is at the level of the under-breast line can be evaluated in the category of slight sagging in the first degree. In order to talk about a moderate sagging problem, the nipple should be 1-3 cm below the inframammary line. In cases exceeding 3 cm, 3rd degree sagging can be mentioned. Determining the sagging ratio of the breasts is extremely important in terms of determining the surgical technique to be used in breast lift surgery. For mild sagging, part of the ring surrounding the nipple is removed and the nipple ring is positioned upwards. For more advanced sagging problems, a larger piece of the nipple ring should be removed. An incision is made towards the breast areola and under the breast, which is called an inverted T. The targeted result in breast lift surgeries is to obtain a proportional and symmetrical appearance suitable for the body structure. Breast augmentation can be performed by adding a simultaneous breast prosthesis to the patient. Breast lift surgeries, which take about 2 to 3 hours, are mostly performed under general anesthesia, but with local anesthesia or intravenously . It can also be performed with sedation . The type and method of anesthesia is decided by the doctor during the planning of the breast lift procedure, taking into account the patient’s health status.

What is the Recovery Process in Breast Lift Surgery?

The healing process in breast lift surgeries may vary from person to person and depending on the surgical technique applied. In order to shorten this process as much as possible and to ensure recovery as soon as possible, the patient should use their medications regularly and listen to the doctor’s post-operative care recommendations. It should not be forgotten that the most important issue to be considered in order to prevent the risk of infection is hygiene. If the necessary sensitivity is shown regarding the care process, the patient can return to work 1 week after the operation. It is expected that the patient will have completed the healing process in about 6 weeks. A 6-month period is required to see the results of the breast lift operation more clearly.


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Other Details About Breast Lift Operation

Unfortunately, it is not possible for the breasts to lose their shape and vitality and to regain their form naturally. The most effective solution to the problem of breast sagging is breast lift surgery. The way to the goal of success in breast lift surgeries; It should not be forgotten that he passed from a clinic equipped with technological equipment, from a surgeon who is an expert in his field, who can correctly apply the technology he has, and from a patient who is conscious of what to do and what to avoid in the pre- and post-operative processes.

There are some issues that the patient should pay attention to in order for the recovery process to be faster before and after breast lift surgery.


  • If any, he should inform his doctor about chronic diseases, medications he regularly uses, and surgical experience.
  • Do not use blood thinners before surgery
  • You should stop smoking about 1 week before the surgery, both in terms of anesthesia and in terms of not prolonging the postoperative recovery period.
  • Avoid heavy physical activities after surgery
  • Protect the surgical area from sunlight