Female Genital Cosmetic

What is Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery?

Female genital aesthetics includes procedures that consist of restructuring and shaping the vulva, the external genitalia , in a way that is both aesthetic and functional . Each treatment in the category of Female genital cosmetic surgery is aimed at eliminating different problems and complaints . For this reason, genital plastic surgeries are planned individually in line with the needs.

Genitalia , which provides the passage of sperm to the vagina and guards the health of the internal genital organs , also determines the level of pleasure from sexuality.

Which Organs Make Up the External Genital Region?

  • Pubis Hill:

Is the fatty tissue area that forms the anterior part of the external genitalia . mons The pubis crest, also called the pubis or Venus hill, is located above the cylotoris .

  • Labium majora:

Labium majora protects the organs of the external genitalia outside the pubis crest.

  • Labium minora: Labium minor, or labia minora. It is a thin, delicate tissue surrounding the vaginal entrance.
  • Lockoris :

It is a small bumpy structure located just above the urine exit hole. It is the biggest supplier of sexual pleasure and orgasm.

  • Vagen Entry:

It is located under the small lips.

  • Hymen :

Vaginal entrance, before the vagina. It can be of different structures and different shapes.

Eternal genitalia may be congenital, or they may occur due to aging, pregnancy, giving birth, and excessive weight loss. The resulting deformations should be emphasized not only for aesthetic concerns, but also to pave the way for a healthy and quality sexual life.

How is Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery Performed in Women ?

Genital plastic surgery does not mean a uniform application. Each procedure is individually planned for different purposes, to meet different problems, needs and demands.

1- Vaginoplasty Surgery:

Vaginoplasty is a vaginal tightening surgery. Over time, the vagina may begin to loosen and sag due to aging, vaginal birth, an active sex life, and weight gain and loss. The problem of vaginal enlargement, which negatively affects the quality of sexual life , can be eliminated by vaginoplasty . By making incisions inside the vagina, excess tissues are removed and the vagina is narrowed with stitches. In vaginoplasty , incision scars do not cause an uncomfortable appearance as they will remain in the vagina. The operation, which can take between 30 and 60 minutes, can be performed under general anesthesia or epidural anesthesia.

2- Labiaplasty Surgery:

It is the surgical repair of the labio minora of the vagina. It is applied if the labio minoras are large and drooping. These are reshaped by removing the excess tissues in this area. In some cases, it can be done together with a clavicle surgery. The operation, which can take an average of 1 hour, can be performed under local anesthesia , general anesthesia, and spinal anesthesia.

3- Pubis Surgery:

On the front surface of the external genitalia is called the pubis crest. In some women, excessive fatty tissue in the pubis area causes this area to appear puffy, causing an ugly appearance in fitted clothes such as tights, trousers, swimwear and bikinis. Pubis surgeries are generally performed with the liposuction technique. In the liposuction method, excess fat tissues are removed by entering under the umbilicus with thin cannulas . Another method applied in pubis surgery is to perform the surgery by removing the skin tissues. This method is generally preferred in cases where the lubrication on the pubis is more intense, in order to remove stubborn adipose tissues where the liposuction technique may be insufficient.

4- Hymen Repair Surgery:

Hymen repair can be done by flap method and microsurgery . The flap method is the method performed by suturing the tissue on the lower wall of the vagina to the area where the hymen is located. It should be done in a time period close to sexual intercourse . Microsurgery is the permanent repair of the hymen. It is the process of reuniting the torn parts of the hymen by cutting and microsurgical method. It can be done together with contraction. It can be performed under local anesthesia or sedation . The main purpose of hymen repair surgeries, which can be performed temporarily or permanently, is to provide bleeding.

5- Perinoplasty Surgery:

The area extending from the outer lips to the anus is called the perineum. In some normal deliveries, it may be necessary to make an incision in the perineum and then suture to facilitate delivery. Perinoplasty is the operation to aestheticize the suture scars formed from the vagina to the anus. It is possible to obtain a smoother and smoother visual with perinoplasty . Perinoplasty is performed by interfering with the skin layers between the mouth of the vagina and the anus. During the operation, the opening of the vagina is closed with the aesthetic stitches and tightening is achieved. Perinoplasty surgery also minimizes the risk of infection by removing the vaginal opening .

Epidural anesthesia or general anesthesia can be applied. Perinoplasty can also be performed together with vaginoplasty when necessary and upon request . Therefore, the duration of the operation may vary according to the procedure or procedures to be performed. It can take between 15 and 20 minutes when done alone.

How is Recovery in Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery?

Genital plastic surgery in women can be listed as follows.

  • Preferred type of surgery
  • Whether multiple genital aesthetic procedures are applied together
  • The patient’s structure
  • The care and sensitivity shown in the healing process

Each procedure is subject to common and divergent recovery processes for the post-operative period. One of the biggest advantages in aesthetic surgical interventions related to the vagina area is that the vagina is an area that can recover quickly.

Recovery Process After Vaginoplasty Surgery:

  • Generally, no hospitalization is required.
  • You can return to daily life after 3-4 days
  • Full recovery and recovery may take up to 2 weeks.
  • Heavy physical activities should be avoided for 1 month.
  • It is necessary to wait 6 weeks to return to sexual life.
  • Do not enter the sea or pool for 1 month.
  • Complaints such as pain, swelling, itching and slight bleeding may occur after the surgery . Pain can be controlled with painkillers prescribed by the doctor. It is expected that the itching will be temporary and if it is prolonged, the doctor will apply the necessary treatment. For swelling and bleeding, ice compress application as described by the doctor may be beneficial.

Recovery Process After Labiaplasty Surgery:

  • Generally, no hospitalization is required. The patient can be sent home after resting for 2-3 hours after surgery.
  • It is recommended to rest for 2 days
  • Can start work after 1 week
  • As long as there is no force such as straining, it is not expected that the stitches thrown during the surgery will be opened.
  • Edema and swelling may occur in the first three days. At this stage, ice compresses should be applied as often and as prescribed by the doctor .
  • Heavy work should be avoided in the first 3 weeks.
  • Forced sports activities should be avoided for 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Against the risk of infection, the operation area should be kept dry and clean.
  • Dissolvable sutures can be used in the surgery. Stitch marks lighten within 2 months.
  • It is recommended to take a break from sexual life for 6 to 8 weeks.

Recover Process Pubis Aesthetic Surgery

  • Generally does not require hospitalization
  • The patient can return to his daily life after resting for a few days.
  • Mild swelling or bruising may occur.
  • Pain that may occur after surgery is expected to be at a level that can be controlled with painkillers.
  • It is necessary to use a corset for the period recommended by the doctor after the surgery.
  • It is recommended to take a break from sexual life for 1 week.

Hymen Repair Surgery Recovery Process

  • Normal life can be resumed after the procedure
  • There may be slight bleeding in the first week.
  • Care should be taken not to lift heavy weights for 10 days.
  • If permanent hymen surgery has been performed, 1.5 months should be waited for intercourse.

Recovery Process After Perinoplasty Surgery

  • 1 -week rest period, the patient can return to his normal life and return to work.
  • Bleeding may occur in the form of pain, swelling and leakage that lasts for a few days. The first 3 ice compresses will help reduce bleeding and swelling complaints .
  • It is recommended to avoid sexual intercourse for about 6 weeks

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Other Details About Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery

One of the most frequently asked questions about genital plastic surgeries is whether genital aesthetic procedures are an obstacle to giving birth. It is generally recommended to leave the aesthetic arrangements to be made about the genital area after the birth. Especially for pregnancies that may occur after vaginal tightening surgeries, Cesarean delivery method is recommended. After genital plastic surgery, delivery can be made, but the method of delivery may change according to the content of the surgery to be performed.