Cosmetic Surgery of the Male Genitals

What is Cosmetic Surgery of the Male Genitals?

Penile surgery is a body aesthetic procedure that allows the penis size to be suitable for sexual life, in line with personal preferences or some medical requirements. The shortness, length or thickness of the penis is structural and can vary not only from person to person, but even from race to race. Information pollution, which is written, drawn, told, and heard about the length of the penis, which is an urban legend, can lead to a deterioration in the perception of reality in the world of men; Even if the penis size is in normal dimensions, it can be a source of unhappiness with the thought that it is short.

Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery exhibits an approach that deals with the problems that men experience with their penis, along with their physiological causes and psychological consequences. The reason why penile surgery is in demand with increasing interest and has become one of the most frequently applied procedures in aesthetic surgery is not because such complaints have become widespread, but because a problem that can be solved is not perceived as a source of embarrassment.

With penile aesthetics, it is aimed to increase the quality of sexual life by eliminating congenital or acquired function and deformities of the penis.

In Which Situations Can Penile Aesthetics be Applied?

  • Having a short penis
  • Thin penis
  • Penile curvature
  • An erection problem
  • Micro penis
  • Personal preferences

How is Cosmetic Surgery of the Male Genitals Performed?

Penile aesthetics is a procedure that can be performed with surgical methods in operating room conditions. The route of penile aesthetic surgery determines the patient’s complaints and demands. The surgical procedure is planned according to the procedure to be performed. The operations performed within the scope of penile aesthetics can be listed as follows:

1- Phalloplasty, Penoplasty or Penile Augmentation

  • Cutting the Penile Ligament:

The invisible part of the penis is brought out to make it visible. In this way, an extension of 2 to 4 cm is possible.

  • Penile Prosthesis: Penile prosthesis, known as the happiness stick among the people, is applied to eliminate erection problems. Penile prosthesis; It is performed by removing the soft tissue in the penis and placing prostheses suitable for the length of the penis.

2- Penis Enlargement Surgery:

It is performed using methods such as fat injection, tissue transfer, filler treatment.

  • Stem Cell Enriched Fat Injection Technique:

The stem cell-enriched fat transfer technique is considered a more advantageous option than the classical fat injection method in terms of increasing the permanence effect of penile thickening surgeries.

This technique is performed by obtaining stem cells by separating the fats taken from the previously determined donor area by liposuction method, according to their shape, size and density, and injecting them into the penis area from several different points.

  • Flap Transfer Technique: It is a method of transferring tissues taken from certain parts of the patient’s body to the penis. It can be considered within the scope of reconstruction surgery.
  • Filler Technique: It is the process of injecting dermal fillers into the penis with fine-tipped needles or cannulas.

3- Penile Curvature Surgery :

It is a surgical operation in which congenital or acquired penile curvature is performed by penile plication or using penile prosthesis technique. It is performed in cases where the curvature of the penis does not respond to non-surgical treatment options. Surgery is decided depending on the degree of curvature of the penis.

4- Penile ESWT for Erection Problem:

Erectile dysfunction, also called erectile dysfunction, can be observed from time to time in one of every 8 men today. The ESWT procedure, which provides tissue regeneration by giving shock waves to different parts of the penis, can be effective in treating erectile dysfunction in some cases without the need for surgical options.

Before determining the ways to be followed in penile aesthetic surgery, the general health status of the patient is evaluated. According to the results of blood tests, urinalysis and other laboratory tests deemed necessary, it is investigated whether there are health problems that may prevent surgery and anesthesia.

Afterwards, physiological requirements and personal preferences are evaluated together, and the most appropriate technique for the surgery is decided. Penile aesthetic surgeries can be performed using general, spinal or epidural anesthesia. The type of anesthesia is determined by the doctor according to the patient’s request, health status and the content of the procedure . Penile aesthetic surgery can take about 2 hours, depending on the technical details of the surgery.

What Should the Patient Pay Attention to Before Penile Aesthetic Surgery?

  • If there are medications that he regularly uses for chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and heart, he should definitely inform his doctor.
  • The use of blood thinners should be stopped before the operation.
  • Stop smoking at least 2 weeks before surgery
  • If his/her complaints such as flu, cold and flu have ended recently or are currently ongoing, he/she should definitely inform his/her doctor about the necessity of postponing the date of surgery.
  • One week before the operation, he should take a break from his sexual activities.
  • Two days before the operation, he should stop feeding with solid foods.

What is the Recovery Process After Cosmetic Surgery of the Male Genitals?

The healing process in penile aesthetic surgeries may vary from person to person and depending on the content of the surgery. The details of the patient’s recovery schedule after surgery can be listed as follows:

  • The duration of hospitalization can vary from 1 to 3 days, that is, without the need for hospitalization.
  • There may be pain for the first few days. It can be alleviated or controlled with the help of painkillers.
  • Although uncommon, short-term bruising may occur.
  • Swelling may be seen in the operation area for 10 – 15 days. This situation should be followed and the doctor should be informed if it does not go away.
  • You can start work after a 1-week rest period.
  • The first shower should be taken with warm water on the 3rd or 4th day.
  • It is recommended to wait 1 month for heavy sports activities.
  • 4 to 6 weeks should be waited for sexual intercourse

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Other Details About Cosmetic Surgery of the Male Genitals

What is Micro Penis? Can Penis Enlargement Aesthetics Be Done?

Micropenis is a health problem caused by the penis not developing properly due to genetic factors or hormonal deficiencies. It is generally confused with the buried penis. In the case of a buried or buried penis problem, the penis may be of normal length. However, in Micropenis disease, the penis is structurally small. In cases where the penis is generally less than 2 cm, micropenis disease can be mentioned.

In adult micropenis patients, enlargement can be performed with penile aesthetic surgeries. It should be known that the operations performed due to the micro-penis may not have as impressive visual results as the others.