Smile Design

What is Smile Design?

Smile design should not be evaluated only as an aesthetic procedure . Mouth and dental health; It is a whole consisting of the functionality and visuality of the tooth and jaw structure. Every intervention on teeth and gums, every problem that is resolved, every tooth that is rehabilitated is also a part of visual improvement. In addition to smile design, repair and healing procedures , it consists of applications that raise the bar for visual beauty. With the smile design, an aesthetic smile compatible with the facial contour is built by targeting areas such as teeth, gums, jaw structure and lips. The ultimate goal is to make you feel good and happy. Dissatisfaction with the teeth can seriously damage the sense of self-confidence. It is observed that many people who have aesthetic concerns about their teeth tend to laugh by covering their mouths with their hands. Trying to suppress laughter with a smile in private and social life, in the business environment, while looking in the mirror and taking pictures reduces the quality of life. It should not be forgotten that even very simple touches can lead to great change.

What are the Advantages of Smile Design?

  • Diseases related to teeth and gum problems are treated.
  • Teeth appear healthier with interventions on the gums.
  • A more aesthetic appearance is obtained with shape and color arrangements.
  • It liberates laughter.
  • It increases the sense of self-confidence.
  • Motivation for oral hygiene and care .

What Procedures Does Smile Design Consist Of?

  • Teeth Whitening ( Bleaching ) Application
  • Porcelain Laminate
  • Bonding (Aesthetic Tooth Filling)
  • Zirconium Dental Veneers
  • Full porcelain teeth ( Empress Dental Veneer)
  • Pink aesthetic
  • Gum disease treatment
  • Decayed tooth treatment

How is Smile Design Performed?

It should not be forgotten that handcraft is as important as the professionalism of the dentist who will plan and perform the procedure , so that the journey to achieve beautiful smiles can be completed in accordance with its purpose . The priority in the procedure, which is based on designing happiness , is always what kind of image the patient wants to obtain. The dentist considers the aesthetic demands of the patient while making the necessary medical referrals. Before the procedure chart is created , the patient’s dental x-ray and tomography are taken. In addition, photographs of the patient’s mouth and intraoral region are taken. Measurements are made digitally. Treatment priorities are determined for the patient who has undergone a detailed oral examination. If there are cases that will be surgically intervened, aesthetic retouches will be left to the last stage. A single procedure can be applied to the patient , or more than one procedure can be combined. What matters is what the patient needs.

  • Tooth and Gum Treatment: Decayed teeth and gum problems are treated. Early intervention is important in the treatment of teeth and gums. Decayed teeth can result in tooth loss, and gingival problems with delayed treatment can result in serious infections .
  • Teeth Whitening Application ( Bleaching ): Sometimes, even just improving the tooth color can make the teeth look healthy and beautiful.
  • Porcelain Lamina : It is applied to eliminate problems such as splitting, broken teeth, crooked teeth, discoloration in the anterior teeth. It is one of the applications that creates elegance in the mouth.
  • Bonding (Aesthetic Tooth Filling): It is applied to eliminate problems such as gaps in anterior teeth, broken teeth, mild deformities, as in porcelain lamina . Optionally, it allows sizing and lengthening of the tooth with filling. Compared to porcelain laminate , it has a price advantage and a durability disadvantage.
  • Zirconium Tooth Veneer: With its durability and color, it has been widely preferred in anterior teeth in recent years within the scope of smile aesthetics. It provides a natural and aesthetic appearance and is long-lasting.
  • Full Porcelain Teeth ( Empress Tooth Veneer): It is applied in intermittent teeth, teeth with color loss, deformities, and in cases where no results can be obtained from the whitening procedure . Its difference from porcelain laminate is that it is an application that completely covers the tooth surface.
  • Pink aesthetics: It is gingival aesthetics. In order for the teeth to look healthier and more beautiful, gingival aesthetics can be performed when necessary. It is generally a laser procedure.

What is the Recovery Process After Smile Design?

Smile design is an application in which one or more processes can be performed together. It can be finished in 1 session or it can take longer. Medications given by the doctor for surgical interventions should be used regularly, and oral care should be taken against the risk of infection . In general, aesthetic arrangements are left after surgical interventions. Care should be taken not to prolong the healing process of the operation area . It should not be forgotten that oral hygiene and care should be taken into account in order for all applications made within the scope of smile design to be durable and long-lasting.


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Other Details About Smile Design

What is Digital Smile Design?

It is the preparation of results in digital environment by taking visual records of the patient’s face and intraoral region before the application . The design that can be suitable for the face shape is prepared in the digital environment. In this way, the patient has an idea about how the procedure will look after the application.