Breast Reconstruction

What is Breast Reconstruction?

Breast cancer surgeries, called mastectomy in the medical literature, are performed by removing some or all of the breast tissue. Removal of breasts, which are representative of motherhood and femininity for women, can lead to psychological traumas. Reconstruction breast aesthetic surgery is an advantageous option in order to prevent emotional depressions that may occur after such surgeries.

Breast reconstruction, in other words breast repair, is a procedure performed by Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery after the removal of the breast due to cancer or other diseases. The aim of breast reconstruction surgery is to reconstruct the breast tissue. Breast repair operations can be performed together with the removal of cancer-related tissue, as well as after it. Breast reconstruction has an extremely important place in breast aesthetic surgery in terms of eliminating the psychological problems that may be experienced due to the removal of the breasts. The advantage of performing it simultaneously with breast removal surgery is to eliminate the psychological problems of the post-operative breast-free process. However, in some cases, it may be necessary to wait a while for breast reconstruction surgery. The timing of breast reconstruction depends on factors such as the patient’s health status, age, and weight.

How Is Breast Reconstruction Done?

Breast reconstruction surgeries can be performed with three techniques.

  • Using the patient’s own tissue
  • Using a Breast Implant
  • Using both techniques together

Breast reconstruction surgeries performed using the patient’s own tissues are performed with tissues taken from the abdomen, back, hips and legs. The decision to apply it with a breast implant may depend on which part of the body the tissue will be taken from. Breast reconstruction surgeries performed with silicone prostheses are easier and more effortless than other methods. There are some factors that determine which method will be applied in breast repair operations performed to reconstruct the breast tissue.

What Is The Recovery Process After Breast Reconstruction?

It may be necessary to stay in the hospital for a few days after breast repair surgery. The healing and recovery process may vary depending on the technique used in the surgery. The schedule for returning to daily life is determined by the doctor. After the operation, it is possible to return to normal life within 10 days with the regular use of the drugs prescribed by the doctor and with careful care. The loss of sensation caused by the removal of the breast can improve to a large extent, if not completely, over time. One of the post-operative concerns is scars. This situation is expected to ease over time. As in all surgical operations, it is necessary to avoid behaviors that increase the risk of complications in breast repair operations. The biggest risk of this type of surgery is the delayed healing of the wound. For this reason, it is recommended that patients who smoke quit smoking at least 2 weeks before the surgery and not start again afterward. Because smoking is thought to be an important factor prolonging the wound healing process. The patient will need to take care of the wound for a while after the surgery. In order to eliminate the risk of infection, hygiene rules should not be ignored while dressing, as well as using the drugs given regularly, without interrupting.


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Other Details About Breast Reconstruction

Breast cancer is treated by removing some or all of the breast tissue, depending on the stage of the disease. Breast cancer, which causes unpleasant connotations for women, is a disease that can be cured without the need for a tiring and long treatment process, if detected at the initial stage, thanks to today’s technology and developments in the medical world. In cases where it is essential to remove a part of the breast tissue, one breast or both, Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive surgery promises satisfactory results in terms of eliminating the emotional deprivation that may occur due to breast loss and compensating for all the psychological negativities that the patient may experience due to this reason. Every woman should regularly check her breast area by groping, and carefully examine the shape of her breasts in front of a mirror. In addition, after the age of 35, one should not neglect to have a mammogram once a year. It should be known that mammography is requested first for all surgeries performed in the field of breast aesthetic surgery.