What is Botulinium Toxin?

Botulinium toxin, namely Botox with its generic brand name , can be used for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes, as well as as a supportive treatment in the elimination of some physiological complaints and diseases. Botox , which provides effective cosmetic results in removing minimal lines on the face, neck and décolleté, is an application that can also have successful results in sweating treatments and migraine treatments.

Which Situations is Botox Effective?

  • Removing Wrinkles and Lines in the Face and Neck Area

Wrinkles and lines may occur in the face area due to aging, as well as lines may occur in certain areas due to the mobility of the mimic muscles. Wrinkles and lines are the most; It can occur on the forehead, between the two eyebrows, around the eyes and around the lips. In addition to the face area, one of the most common places where the effects of aging are observed is the neck area. Botox is a treatment that provides temporary healing on these lines. If it is not sufficient alone on deep wrinkles, its effectiveness can be increased by applying it together with filler injections.

  • In Shaping the Face Contour

Botox application is also an application that can help shape the facial contour in some areas that it interferes with with small touches. Minimal aesthetic adjustments, such as lifting the tip of the nose, making the gums that are too visible with a smile less visible, can be made with the help of botox .

  • In Sweating and Migraine Treatments

Botox can be applied to make the sweat glands work less in people who suffer from excessive sweating. In addition, by applying it to the head area at certain session intervals, the physiological problems caused by migraine can be eliminated with the help of botox .

  • In Masseter (Jaw Muscle) Growth

Masseter is the largest and strongest chewing muscle located on either side of the jaw. Due to the masseter enlargement, the chin muscles become prominent enough to be visible in the face area. Masseter enlargement is caused by clenching, grinding and straining the jaw muscles with hard foods. masseter With botox application, it is aimed to weaken the jaw muscles, thus preventing teeth grinding and clenching. masseter Botox is a procedure performed by direct injection of botulinum toxin into the jaw muscles .

How is Botox Applied?

Botox procedure is a procedure that is specially planned according to the needs. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are recommended to wait for botox treatment. In addition, botox cannot be performed in patients with nervous and muscular system diseases. It is a procedure that can be safely applied in line with needs and preferences, as long as there is no obstacle for the procedure. Before the application, the procedure area is anesthetized with local anesthetic creams. After numbness is achieved in the operation area, botulinium toxin is injected into the designated areas with fine-tipped needles, and the botox process is completed.

How Is The Recovery After Botox ?

Botox is a practical application that takes a short time. It does not interrupt daily life. There are situations that need attention after the procedure.

  • Body movements should be noted. It is necessary to avoid leaning forward and sleeping face down on the day of the procedure.
  • It is recommended not to lie down for 2 hours after the procedure to prevent the application from spreading to unwanted areas.
  • Water should not be touched to the treatment area on the same day.
  • Alcohol should not be used after the procedure
  • It is recommended to take a 1-day break for compelling sports activities.
  • in hot environments such as Turkish bath and sauna frequently after Botox can reduce the effectiveness of the procedure.

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Other Details About Botox

How Often Can Botox Be Applied?

Botox can maintain its blocking effect for 4 to 6 months in the area where it is applied. The duration of Botox may vary depending on how intensely people use their mimic muscles. For people who make excessive mimics, the effectiveness of the application may decrease up to 3 months.

Does Botox Change Facial Expression?

Botox procedure is whether you will be faced with a confused facial expression as a result of the procedure. If applied correctly, it is an application that only serves its purpose and there is no risk of changing the facial expression.

Botox or Fillers Injection?

Botox treatment and fillers are effective methods in removing lines and wrinkles, which are carried out with fine-tipped needles. Botox addresses more minimal complaints in terms of areas of influence and level of effect. Fillers, on the other hand, are effective in removing deeper wrinkles in more areas . Fillers are also a method applied for the purpose of shaping by fillers.

When does the effect start?

Botox begin to appear after 3-4 days and reach the maximum effect within 15 days.