Is It Possible To Look Younger With Smile Design?

Is It Possible To Look Younger With Smile Design?

The aging process; It changes many things, from your general health to your appearance. Get old; psychologically, physiologically and aesthetically, nothing will be the same as before; means it can’t. But even if you can’t prevent aging, you can choose to be the best for your age. How Does?

About your health and appearance; Everything you take care of, protect, and do not neglect will be a solid investment for the future. The concept of “Anti- Aging ” supports this understanding. Diet, sleep patterns, stress management, personal care habits are important factors affecting the quality of aging. In addition to taking individual measures, by taking advantage of the benefits of anti-aging procedures ; You can maintain physical, mental and visual vigor even at advanced ages.

anti- aging applications is not just superficial lines and wrinkles. Every detail that has begun to lose its vitality and health in your body falls within the scope of anti- aging . This includes oral and dental health, which directly affects the quality of your smile . Tooth and gum problems; causes both functional and aesthetic losses. If we deal with its aesthetic dimensions; They can even make you look older than you are.

Missing Tooth Affects The Appearance Of Cheeks And Lips

With advancing age, the problem of tooth loss increases. There are many reasons for this. The increase in systematic diseases affecting oral health with age, inadequate oral hygiene , melting of the jawbone, gum diseases caused by decreased immunity can result in tooth loss. Uncompensated tooth loss causes depression of the lips and cheeks. This means that the contour of the face is completely changed. Elimination of tooth deficiencies is necessary both aesthetically and functionally.

Teeth Stains Cause A Negligible And Aged Appearance

Teeth may become pale with advancing age. On the other hand, you may have tooth stains due to structural reasons or health problems, regardless of age. Discoloration of teeth is a serious aesthetic problem. You may be perceived as someone who does not care about oral hygiene, you may look older than you are, and you may have to camouflage all your laughter .

The appearance of the gums is also important!

Dental and gingival health is an inseparable whole. The risk of developing gum disease increases with age. Gum diseases; It is serious enough to cause tooth loss and spread to other parts of the body. The healthy appearance of the gums is also an aesthetic necessity.

Smile Design Can Change The Look Of Your Face

While constructing a smile that can be compatible with the facial contour in smile design; teeth, gums, appearance of lips and jaw structure are evaluated together. Smile design; It includes procedures for the elimination of color losses, deformities, tooth and gum problems .

the Most Popular Treatments for Smile Design ?

Smile design; consists of personalized procedures that offer natural, aesthetic and healthy results . We can list the most popular dental treatments applied within the scope of aesthetic dentistry as follows:

  • Aesthetic filling applications
  • porcelain veneer
  • porcelain laminate
  • Zirconium coating
  • Professional teeth whitening
  • Pink aesthetic

Can Smile Design Be Combined With Different Aesthetic Procedures?

In addition to eliminating tooth and gingival defects, support can be obtained from different aesthetic procedures to create a perfect smile line. Filling can be applied to the lips, cheeks and around the mouth.

Is It Possible To Look Younger With Smile Design?

Our answer is absolutely yes! Healthy and aesthetic tooth structure; it makes you look better, feel better, smile better. With white, bright and smooth teeth; you can illuminate both your face and the environment you are in. With advanced technologies used in aesthetic dentistry; You can achieve both aesthetic and natural results.