10 Questions 10 Answers About Hair Transplantation

10 Questions 10 Answers About Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation; a procedure that arouses curiosity, excitement and impatience . Since it is a surgical procedure, it can sometimes cause concerns. I would like to share the questions and answers frequently asked to me by my patients who are in the decision stage or for whom I am planning surgery.

  • Is Hair Transplant Surgery Expensive?

hair transplantation, which technological developments have brought to a wonderful point, is not a low-cost procedure . There are many factors that cause price variability.

  • Number of grafts to be transplanted
  • Technique used in surgery
  • The hair transplant specialist who will perform the surgery; experience, dexterity and reliability
  • Where is the hair transplant done?

These and similar criteria are decisive for prices. We are talking about a surgical application that consists of stages and each stage requires maximum care and expertise. At this point, low price promises should be approached with skepticism.

  • Does Hair Transplantation Leave Scars?

All surgical interventions leave scars. Hair transplantation is also a surgical procedure . Depending on which technique the hair transplant surgery is performed with, the risk of scarring decreases or increases. FUE hair transplantation, which stands out with the advantage of being minimally invasive , leaves traces in small spots that can be easily camouflaged after the hair starts to grow.

  • Is Hair Transplant Surgery Painful?

Hair transplant operations are generally performed under local anesthesia . General anesthesia can also be applied according to the patient’s anxiety level and health conditions. Even with local anesthesia, the patient is not expected to feel pain during the operation. Mild pain may be felt after the effect of anesthesia wears off after the surgery.

  • When can I start work after hair transplantation?

The answer to this question depends on what you do. It is necessary to avoid strenuous physical activities for 3 weeks after the surgery. For those who work at a desk job, we consider a rest period of 5 to 7 days sufficient.

  • When Can I Start Sports After Hair Transplantation?

As I have just mentioned, strenuous and strenuous physical activities that require effort should be avoided for 3 weeks. Sweating and straining can compromise the results of surgery and the healing process.

  • When can I enter the sea and the pool after the hair transplant surgery?

You can swim in the sea or pool 15 days after the operation.

  • When does the transplanted hair start to grow?

3 months after the operation, new hair begins to grow. For the final results, you need to wait about 1 year.

  • Will a Second Hair Transplantation Be Necessary?

Hair transplantation compensates for existing hair loss. It does not guarantee for possible spills. If the hair loss problem is not stabilized , you will probably continue to experience hair loss after hair transplantation. Therefore, you may need a second hair transplant. For this reason, we prefer to wait for the stabilization or stabilization of hair loss as much as possible in order to plan the hair transplant surgery .

  • Grafts Can Be Planted at One Time ?

The number of grafts to be transplanted depends on the donor area capacity and your needs. Some of my patients frequently ask if I can transplant more grafts for a higher hair density . At every opportunity, I express on all platforms that this effort is such a serious mistake that it can result in tissue death. Regardless of the size of the need, I would like to reiterate that I do not recommend transplanting more than 4000 grafts . Therefore, one should be extremely cautious and careful in the face of high graft promises as well as low price promises .

  • Is it understandable that I had a hair transplant?

You need to achieve natural results so that it is not understood that you have had a hair transplant. For this, it is important with which technique the hair transplant surgery is performed. With FAT hair transplantation, which I developed in the light of scientific research , I achieve natural results that make people happy even in the most difficult cases . For more detailed information about FAT hair transplantation; You can click the link “FAT Hair Transplant”.