5 Benefits of Lip Fillers You’ll Want to Know  

5 Benefits of Lip Fillers You’ll Want to Know  

Lips; It is a very important aesthetic element in terms of a total facial beauty. Therefore; When we talk, smile, laugh or shut up, we care about how our lips look. Some people are born with a thin lip, and some people experience thinning of their lips with age. Lip augmentation procedure , which has a very popular place around the world ; A very effortless and effective way to add volume and shape to the lips. It is a fact that shaped and voluminous lips that are compatible with the facial contour feel better and more attractive. Whether your lips are structurally thin or lose their fullness over time, with the right filler application; You can achieve a more youthful and attractive appearance. Here are 5 benefits of lip fillers you’ll want to know.

  • Lip Filler Makes You Look Younger And Attractive

Lip augmentation is a popular application in all age groups. Sometimes the first stop of people who are not completely satisfied with their facial features; and sometimes a must for those who struggle with the visual effects of aging. Whatever age is preferred; an important complement to a more developed and improved facial beauty in all circumstances. Himself; It is a more permanent and aesthetic option than make-up tricks for women who want to feel more confident at work, at home, in their private life and in their social environment.

  • Lip Filler Provides a Natural Fullness to the Lips

The most commonly used and safest dermal filler in lip filler is hyaluronic acid. Since hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the body, it does not cause any allergic reaction when injected as a filler. hyaluronic acid is very unlikely to cause bruising. After application, the filler is more easily absorbed by the lips. Hyaluronic acid -based lip filler provides the most natural visual results of shaping the lips, as long as it is performed under appropriate conditions and by a specialist. The application can be repeated every 6 months to maintain the fullness of the lips.

  • Lip Filler Offers Progressive Progress Opportunity

Lip augmentation can be done gradually for people who have congenital thin lips and are not sure how to look with fuller lips. Although the goal is to achieve full lips; There is a chance to reach the desired fullness step by step, starting with small doses.

  • Lip Filler Carries Minimum Risk of Side Effects

At this point, some aesthetic disasters may be passing before your eyes like a film strip. How do we ignore cases whose face has become unrecognizable after lip augmentation, or those whose lips have become so plump that they take over all facial features? All these unpleasant news that you come across belong to the victims of the malpractice. It should not be forgotten that all aesthetic interventions performed by non-experts in unsupervised and unsterile clinical conditions can have unpleasant consequences in terms of both health and appearance. Hyaluronic acid -based lip augmentation is a procedure with minimal risk of allergic reactions and side effects if applied correctly.

  • Healing Process is Fast in Lip Filler

Lip augmentation is a practical way to achieve satisfying beauty. Since it is a non-surgical option, there is no need for a rest period that will disrupt daily life after the procedure. The application takes an average of 15 minutes after the patient is prepared. Afterwards, people can continue their social life from where they left off. In order not to risk the success of lip augmentation application, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points after the procedure:

  • Hot drinks should not be consumed for 3 to 4 hours after the procedure.
  • Lipstick should not be applied for the first 24 hours.
  • The lips should not be bitten so that the injected filler does not dislodge.
  • Hard kisses should be avoided.