Can Previous Hair Density Be Restored With Hair Transplantation?

Can Previous Hair Density Be Restored With Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation; It is a great aesthetic gain for many people who are concerned about their thinning hair and the gradual enlargement of bald spots. Thanks to the modern technologies used in hair transplant surgery, successful results can be achieved even in the most hopeless cases. Most of the patients considering this procedure want their hair to be replaced one by one . Patients whose scalp has been damaged by various accidents and traumas and therefore have lost their hair permanently, on the other hand, desire an improved visual appearance. In short, whatever the reasons that require hair transplantation, the common question on everyone’s mind is: What kind of hair density do I get after hair transplantation? The answer to this question is satisfying for some, annoying for others. hair transplantation; It can make people happy when expectations and possible outcomes coincide. In fact, it is not a surprise what kind of hair density will be achieved. After the scalp is examined, the patient is informed in detail about the possible results. So, what are the conditions to achieve the desired lush hair with hair transplantation? Is it possible to achieve optimum hair density? You will find answers to these questions in the rest of our article.

How Bald Are You?

Don’t get confused right away! Because this question was not asked to upset you. The width of the area to be transplanted is important to us. First of all, we need to determine the number of grafts you need to achieve optimum hair density in the transplant area, which we call the recipient area . At this point, we would like to remind you that; What matters is the number of grafts that can be planted rather than the number of grafts you need . If you have large and widespread bald areas, you may need more than can be done. The more hair follicles transplanted, the more hair I have, the point of view is wrong and dangerous. Collecting a maximum of 2500 to 4000 grafts in a hair transplant operation keeps the surgery at a safe level. You can come across many hair transplant centers that promise more. We would like to remind you that this intervention has serious risks that result in tissue death.

Donor Area Sufficient for Hair Transplantation?

The most important factor that plays a role in the hair density to be obtained is the hair density and quality in the donor area, which we define as the donor area. The most ideal donor area for hair transplantation is the part of the head between the two ears. In this area, there should be healthy hair follicles in number and quality that will result in a meaningful visual appearance. Hair follicles should be collected economically from the donor area and it should be considered that a second hair transplant may be needed. As we just mentioned, the effort to collect a large number of grafts without any calculations carries irreversible risks.

Is Your Scalp Suitable for Hair Transplantation?

Hair quality depends on a healthy scalp. The growth of the transplanted hair after hair transplant surgery is largely dependent on this. You can only get quality crops from fertile soils. So how do we achieve this? FAT hair transplantation that we applied in our clinic; FUE, a modern and contemporary hair transplant technique with autologous fat transfer consists of a combination . For this method, we use our patients’ own oils. We inject the fat we take with liposuction under operating room conditions , enriching it from stem cells, and injecting it into the scalp of our patients. With this method we apply; We ensure that the transplanted hair grows in a healthy environment and that the miniaturized hair strands that tend to fall out are strengthened. With FAT hair transplantation , it is possible to obtain both natural and optimal hair density. If you want to learn more about fat hair transplantation, you can visit out treatment page and contact us for your questions.