Cellulite and Excess Fat: VelaShape III

Cellulite and Excess Fat: VelaShape III

What do you think could be the secret of the flawless bodies of famous Hollywood stars that we admire?

  1. Genetic
  2. Augmented reality
  3. Strict diet and exercise programs
  4. A series of plastic surgeries
  5. VelaShape III

There may be some truth in all of these choices. However, many celebrities prefer VelaShape III , the newest and most effective slimming technique of recent years, for a tighter, more shaped and fit body . FDA-approved VelaShape III is a cellulite reduction and regional slimming treatment that is getting more and more popular every day . There are many treatment options for regional lubrication and cellulite problems. We are no strangers to these concepts. So what makes VelaShape III technology different from others?

How does it work?

VelaShape III; It is an FDA-approved cellulite reduction and body shaping application in which infrared ray, radiofrequency energy and tissue mobilization techniques are used together . By emitting infrared rays and radiofrequency energy , it melts fat cells and increases collagen production. With the tissue mobilization technique, the connective tissue fibrous bands are reduced and the blood circulation is stimulated.

VelaShape III Effectiveness

VelaShape III is a treatment applied to remove regional fats that cannot be removed from the body despite diet and exercise applications and to reduce the appearance of cellulite . It aims to reduce the dimpled appearance in the abdomen, legs and buttocks and to remove the stubborn fat stored in these areas from the body.

What Advantages Does the VelaShape III Procedure Provide?

non-invasive as it does not contain incisions and needles among body shaping applications . Suitable for all skin types , VelaShape III offers effective results. A tighter skin is obtained with the combination of technologies used in the application . With its ability to stimulate collagen synthesis, it also provides a serious improvement in skin quality in the area where it is applied. Since it is a non-invasive application, it does not interrupt daily life. After the procedure, patients can continue their social life from where they left off.

Applicable to Everyone?

VelaShape III application should definitely inform their doctor about the drugs they use and their chronic diseases. The VelaShape III procedure is not applied in the presence of the following conditions:

  • If the person is pregnant
  • infection and wound in the area to be treated
  • If you have problems such as blood clots and vascular occlusion
  • Has recently used blood thinners
  • If you have an uncontrolled diabetes problem

Are There Any Side Effects of the VelaShape III Procedure?

VelaShape III is an FDA approved procedure . It does not contain side effects that threaten human health. Tingling, warmth and redness may occur in the applied area. These possible side effects resolve quickly after treatment.

VelaShape III should be applied once a week.

The number of sessions varies depending on the area to be applied. It is recommended to apply at least 3 sessions for desired results. VelaShape III should be applied once a week.

Patients also have some duties

VelaShape III treatment, patients also have some duties. Care should be taken to drink plenty of water during the treatment. No procedure alone can work miracles. Therefore, in order to achieve the targeted result , VelaShape III treatment should be supported by a diet and exercise program.

Why do people consider VelaShape III?

Cellulite and regional lubrication are a very common aesthetic problem. If you have a genetic predisposition, you cannot find a solution to this problem by just following a diet or doing sports. VelaShape III doesn’t just allow you to get rid of your fat. Without going under the knife; it helps you tighten, renew your skin and get rid of your regional fat.