Professional After-Whitening Care Recommendations

Professional After-Whitening Care Recommendations

One of the most effective ways to achieve a clean and bright smile is a professional teeth whitening procedure . Teeth whitening, which can be performed by dentists in a clinical setting, has a very popular place among the treatments applied within the scope of smile design. Many people who are dissatisfied with tooth stains and the pale appearance of their teeth; benefits from this application for more confident and self-confident smiles. It is not necessary to risk a long treatment process for this procedure. It is mostly preferred because of its time-saving advantages. Here are some of them:

  • The procedure is often completed in a single session.
  • It is a painless, easy and effortless application.
  • Change is instantly noticeable
  • Does not interfere with daily life

With the teeth whitening process, it is possible to lighten the natural tooth color by 2 to 3 shades. This means that you can achieve the shine you desire on your teeth. However, in order to achieve a natural look, it is necessary to pay attention to the tone to be chosen in harmony with the lip and skin color.

In Which Situations Is Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure Necessary?

Professional teeth whitening treatment improves the following conditions:

  • Brown spots due to the use of tobacco products
  • Stains caused by coffee and tea consumption over time
  • Stains caused by drug use
  • Tooth color is structurally pale and yellow

Professional teeth whitening is an extremely effective method in removing such tooth stains to a large extent. However, there are cases where all tooth stains cannot be completely removed. At this point; For more serious staining problems where teeth whitening does not produce results, it is necessary to turn to different treatments applied within the scope of aesthetic dentistry.

How Should Professional Teeth Whitening After Care Be?

Professional teeth whitening is a highly welcomed procedure . If your goal is only to remove the discoloration or loss of color in your teeth, you will not have any regrets. In addition, it should be kept in mind that the teeth whitening application is not for a lifetime, and the effect of the procedure will wear off over time. However, with good care, it is up to you to prolong this process as much as possible. In order to maintain the effect of a bright and bright smile for a long time and not to risk the results of the procedure, you need to pay attention to the following after teeth whitening:

  • Stay Away From Colored Food And Drinks

After the application, especially the first two days, it is necessary to stay away from dyed solid and liquid foods. Red wine, coffee, tea, and tomato paste foods are the foods and beverages that affect tooth color the most . They can nullify the whitening application. After the whitening process; By choosing light-colored foods such as chicken, fish, rice, pasta, the tooth surface can be kept clean.

  • Attention to Tea, Coffee, Cigarette Consumption!

Consumption of tea, coffee and cigarettes causes stains on the tooth surface over time. Remember: Having a teeth whitening procedure does not mean that your teeth will not be stained again.

  • Avoid Cold and Hot Drinks

Tooth sensitivity is one of the expected side effects of a professional teeth whitening procedure . Immediately after the procedure, your teeth may be sensitive to cold and hot drinks. In order not to feel any discomfort, care should be taken not to consume cold and hot drinks on the day of the application.

  • Brush Your Teeth Gently

Teeth should be brushed gently with toothbrushes of suitable hardness. This is important both for not risking the results of the procedure and for your dental and gum health.

  • Take care of oral hygiene

As a matter of fact, one of the most wonderful benefits of the teeth whitening procedure is the awareness it creates for oral hygiene in people. People who are extremely satisfied with the appearance of their teeth shining like pearls pay more attention than ever to dental cleaning after the application. Let’s say it anyway: Brushing your teeth regularly will prolong the life of professional teeth whitening.