Your Eyelids Reveal Your Age!

Your Eyelids Reveal Your Age!

Aesthetic losses in the eyelid and around the eyes can make you look older than you are. Because we get the first signs of aging from the eyelids and around the eyes, which have a thinner and more sensitive skin structure compared to other parts of our face. Problems such as lines and wrinkles, under-eye bags and sagging of the upper eyelid are the most common visual deformations around the eyes. Upper eyelid drooping is an important problem not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of its potential to turn into a situation that obscures the field of vision. The solution is; Blepharoplasty !

Why Does the Upper Eyelid Sagging?

Lines, wrinkles, loosening and sagging problems on our skin are the expected results of the aging process. However, we cannot relate all of these to the advancing time alone. There are many factors that affect the aging process of the skin. Factors such as diet, lifestyle, stress, sleep patterns, seasonal changes and most importantly genetic inheritance play a decisive role in skin quality. Although these and similar external factors have a share in upper eyelid sagging; This problem comes up mostly for structural reasons.

What Problems Cause Upper Eyelid Sagging?

The appearance of the upper eyelid extending towards the eyelashes raises the following problems:

  • In the presence of advanced sagging problem, excess sagging skin obscures the field of view.
  • A swollen appearance occurs on the eyelids.
  • It becomes difficult to apply make-up to the eyelids.
  • It makes the eyes dull and lifeless.
  • It causes a tired and unhappy appearance.
  • It leads to an older appearance.

What is blepharoplasty ?

Blepharoplasty is the restructuring of the eyelids to be both aesthetic and functional. The procedure performed by surgical methods is known to everyone as eyelid aesthetics. Although eyelid aesthetics is mostly preferred for cosmetic reasons, it is also applied to improve the quality of vision.

How is Blepharoplasty Performed?

With a minimal incision, the skin tissue is removed and excess skin and fat are removed. Since the incision is made from the eyelid fold line, there is no visible scar. With this operation; Problems such as sagging of the upper eyelid, skin clumping and under-eye bags can be eliminated. The surgery, performed under local anesthesia, takes an average of 30 minutes. The patient can be discharged on the same day. The procedure, which does not require post-operative dressing, does not affect social life.

Recovery after Blepharoplasty

  • Activities that tire the eyes should be avoided for the first 2 days.
  • Swelling and bruising may occur for 3 to 4 days after surgery. This problem can be alleviated by applying ice compresses as directed and frequently by the doctor.
  • Care should be taken to keep the head elevated while sleeping.
  • Physical activities that create pressure in the treatment area should be avoided for the first few days. (lifting heavy, doing sports, bending over, etc.)
  • It is necessary to protect the treatment area from sunlight. For this reason, sunglasses should be used when spent outside.
  • In order to prevent the risk of infection, make-up should be avoided for at least 10 days.

What Advantages Does Blepharoplasty Provide?

The deformations that occur in and around the eyes are so effective that they can completely change the general appearance and expression of the face. This situation; it makes you look sleepless, tired, sad, unhappy and old. With blepharoplasty or eyelid aesthetics as it is known by everyone, you can increase your quality of gaze; You can achieve a more youthful, lively and dynamic appearance. In addition, you do not have to lift your eyelids with your hands to see better. Because, if the intervention is not done in time, it may cause the eyelid to droop even more, restricting the vision.