5 Reasons to Consider Professional Teeth Whitening

5 Reasons to Consider Professional Teeth Whitening

When we meet people, we first notice how they smile. A beautiful smile always leaves a positive impression about you. The landscape behind the lips plays a decisive role in a beautiful and aesthetic smile. In short, the color and shape of your teeth are the most important elements of smile aesthetics. According to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry; 96% of adults; that a beautiful and attractive smile affects the opposite sex; 74% of them; thinks that not having an attractive smile affects his career life * . The result of the survey shows us the following: Having clean and well-kept teeth means a better smile and a more confident stance. For this reason, the demand for procedures applied within the scope of aesthetic dentistry is increasing day by day. Teeth whitening is an essential part of the aesthetic tooth concept. Because no matter how perfect your teeth are, if there is discoloration, it is not possible to talk about an aesthetic tooth image.

Is Teeth Whitening Possible at Home?

We often research and apply various individual methods to brighten, whiten, and brighten our teeth. Attempts such as brushing or gargling do not have the ability to remove tooth stains or discoloration of teeth. These are treatments aimed at providing oral and dental hygiene . It is not possible to get rid of existing yellowing and staining by brushing the teeth. In addition, toothpastes with a whitening effect can be one of the first options that come to mind for teeth whitening. Although such products create a short-term shine effect, their long and continuous use is not recommended for dental health. Professional teeth whitening is the ideal option for those who are looking for a more permanent and effective solution. Whitening performed by a dentist in a clinical setting, called office type, offers more satisfactory results.

Is Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment a Difficult Procedure?

Professional teeth whitening is the most effective and effortless way to get rid of teeth stains and yellowing. Procedure; It starts with cleaning the teeth, continues with the whitening process and ends with rinsing. To get more detailed information about our teeth whitening procedure performed in our hospital within the scope of aesthetic dentistry ; You can click the link https://www.interliva.com/tedavi/dis-whitening/ .

Why Should You Consider Professional Teeth Whitening?

  1. Professional Teeth Whitening Offers Longer-Lasting Results

Although professional teeth whitening does not have a lifetime effect, the shine effect on the teeth can continue for more than 1 year.

  • Professional Teeth Whitening Delivers Effective Results

Teeth whitening, the most preferred treatment of smile design, offers effective and satisfying visual results. Sometimes, an improved tooth color is enough for a visually beautiful smile.

  • Professional Teeth Whitening Increases Attention to Oral and Dental Health

The number of people who receive the “You did not look well” warning from dentists is not very few. Professional teeth whitening creates sensitivity in people who do not take care of oral hygiene or do not pay enough attention. People who want to preserve the shine they have caught in their teeth for a long time start to look at their teeth more in order to achieve this.

  • Professional Teeth Whitening Is A Safe Procedure

contain a concentration of hydrogen peroxide . Hydrogen peroxide is a risk factor for dental health in long-term use. It can cause sensitivity by damaging the structure of the teeth. You can leave a treatment that is not under the control of a doctor with tooth and gum damage.

  • Professional Teeth Whitening Is A Fast And Comfortable Procedure

With professional teeth whitening, you can have bright teeth in minutes. It will be sufficient to spend an average of 1 hour with the preparation procedures such as cleaning the teeth, putting on and removing the protective apparatus .