Welcome to Interliva!

Welcome to Interliva!

What is it you desire? Is it a transformation, rejuvenation or literally a beautiful, quality life? Are you trying to recapture your youth or reshape your body? Or is your hair falling out?

Whatever the problem,
Providing service in İstanbul-Turkey,
Interliva has the highest level of security, technology,
you will find professionalism and interest

We provide services in all aesthetic and plastic surgery procedures, including hair transplantation, non-surgical, plastic surgery treatments and more. Combining years of extensive surgical experience, academic education and natural talents with their arts, Interliva doctors strive to regain the natural beauty of the person without creating an exaggerated or artificial appearance, using the most advanced approach and modern techniques.

The journey begins with a
comprehensive consultation,
so that a personalized treatment plan
is created to all patients.

Only to the best possible aesthetic result, Interliva doctors are excited about the level of care provided at every step.

As Interliva , we are determined to provide and maintain excellence in education, research and health services for the benefit of humanity, on the way we set out with the aim of providing health services at international standards, especially aesthetic surgery, medical applications, hair transplantation, to the access of every individual.